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Little Room Sessions - Grace Askew

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The Little Room, moved to the museum from Shearwater Pottery, was the artist's refuge on the mainland. It became a world apart, its walls covered with a synthesis of the natural world - the sea, woods, and creatures from the earth and sky. All were captured through Walter's vision of the life cycle of a day, from morning to night. The Little Room was a generous gift of the Family of Walter Anderson.

The Little Room Sessions invites musicians to provide contemporary soundtracks to this timeless and contemplative space.

GRACE ASKEW is a sixth-generation Memphian and self-proclaimed highway child, Askew is a powerhouse talent with nearly a decade of touring under her belt, has collaborated with the likes of Joe Leathers (Guy Clark, Kenny Chesney), and has caught the attention of brands like Stetson, Wrangler, and Tecovas Boots, all of which have signed her on as a model/spokeswoman.

Growing up to the humming lullaby of the nearby interstate, Askew fell asleep as a child to dreams of all the places she too would travel to one day. Poetic that she now takes her place beneath Walter Anderson’s iconic skiff to add her voice to the legacy of intrepid creative adventurers.

Askew’s Faulknerian Southern-Gothic storytelling style, evocative lyrics, and electric presence have earned her acclaim from Spin - “Astoundingly defiant”; Rolling Stone - “Raw, real and righteous”; and - " of the most prolific songwriters ... A Bobbie Gentry incarnate who is also the first of her kind, Askew is Dolly Parton-level creative.”


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