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The Creative Complex is a transformational campus expansion that builds upon the Anderson legacy to address the challenges and opportunities of a 21st century world. Coming 2025.

This $5MM+ expansion of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art’s downtown Ocean Springs campus will feature a combined 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces, classrooms, and gardens that support community programs and cross-sector arts education and recreation in realms of science, wellness, engineering and design, tourism, foodways, and creative economy.


This hub for discovery, STEM education, and creative placemaking is informed by the pioneering life and groundbreaking art of Walter Anderson, the entrepreneurial spirit of Shearwater Pottery, and the potential of the Southern landscape to inspire homegrown innovation and quality of life.

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The project is led by an award-winning Mississippi-based design team composed of the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, Tall Architects, and Native Habitats. 

We see the design of the Creative Complex as an opportunity to fuse the dynamic history of Walter Anderson and his work with modern technology, materials, and techniques.

One of the things that guides our design on every project is the idea that everything is connected to everything else.

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