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Traveling Exhibition



something unreachable, that evades grasp, a concept that is
hard to define or even identify.

WALTER INGLIS ANDERSON (1903-1965) is lovingly referred to as the “South’s most elusive artist” and is one of the most compelling and singular American creators of the 20th century. During his lifetime, Anderson was private, sometimes secretive, seeking the solitude found in the barrier island wilderness just beyond the Mississippi Sound. Significantly, Walter Anderson left an almost complete record of himself as an artist, encapsulated within his coastal cottage in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Artworks from his earliest childhood years through the last days of his life have been recorded in minute detail. With the study of each quick drawing or developed painting, viewers discover a piece of the artist, a man who struggled against the tides of human frailty and ultimately found transcendence in nature.

“True art consists of spreading wide the intervals so that imagination may fill the space between the trees.”


This exhibition introduces audiences to one of the South’s most prolific and intriguing artists. Within the exhibition, jewel-toned watercolors are accompanied by the lyrical lines of pen and ink illustrations. Deftly executed pencil sketches present the artist’s understanding of form and style, and glowing examples of ceramics decorated by Anderson provide examples of the artist’s versatility and ingenuity.

This exhibition features 40 original art objects from Museum’s Permanent
Collection and the Family of Walter Inglis Anderson.

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