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Artist, Naturalist, Mystic interprets the story of Walter Anderson through the pivotal moments and localities of his life, presented in conversation with larger themes of the 20th and 21st centuries. A reintroduction to the artist-philosopher who revolutionized art in the South, the exhibition casts Anderson’s large body of work – and many of his rarest and most exceptional creations – in the expansive context of the American imagination. 


This in-depth exploration of the collection includes sets the stage for new displays, juxtapositions, and contemporary discussions. The framework, like Walter Anderson’s ever-changing and regenerating world, sets the stage for further expansions, interactives, and evolutions of the permanent collection in the years to come. 

Artist, Naturalist, Mystic is sponsored by

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Walter Anderson’s artwork can be characterized in many different ways and the artist pulled from many different periods of art, history, and literature. Anderson’s artistic vision paired with the subjects of the Gulf Coast have made his work an extraordinary example of American modernism.



During Walter Anderson’s lifetime the Mississippi Gulf Coast was largely undeveloped. Anderson found the natural environment of the rivers, bayous, and barrier islands to be ideal for observations of nature. Anderson’s works, while visually beautiful, also serve as records of the flora and fauna of the region.



Throughout his life Walter Anderson sought communion with nature. The objects that he left behind paint a portrait of a man seeking hidden knowledge through the medium of art. The artist observed, studied, and participated in his  spiritual journey through painting, drawing, and writing about nature.

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