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OPENS JUNE 6, 2024

The Southern live oak holds a unique position of iconic stature on the Gulf Coast. The grandeur of these trees not only creates an aesthetic experience, but is also ripe with symbolism, history, and ecological significance.


This exhibition is intended to be a reflection of the Southern landscape through a concentrated look at our relationship to the live oak. A select group of artists have been tasked to venture beyond simple depictions of the trees and to consider the wide ranging aspects of this particular species. Each artist focused on a different aspect of the tree, considering its structure, its ecological significance, and how humans have interacted with these ancient beings for centuries.


This type of holistic appreciation for the live oak is intended to create a community dialogue. The artists involved in this exhibition aim to encourage an active connection between the community and the Museum, the work of Walter Anderson, and nature itself. Through the work of these artists, we hope that you gain a new appreciation for the beauty of these majestic trees and consider the live oak’s importance to the Southern landscape.

Participating Artists: Allen Williams, Ashleigh Coleman, Christopher Stebly, David West, Jerrod Partridge, Marc Hanson, Mary Anderson Picard, Mia Kaplan, Isabel Gamallo, Steve Shepard.


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