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APR 8, 2023 - OCT 15, 2023

“True courage is of the heart, requiring love. To step out is to conquer fear by affirming love. As a woman named Leif, I embark once more, with love for the adventure.” - Leif Anderson

Leif Anderson (b. 1944), youngest daughter of artist Walter Inglis Anderson (1903-1965), has made her mark on the world through dance. She has graced stages across the globe and brought her humor and love of life into each performance. Her career as a dancer has led her to the development of her own artistic style outside the shadow of her father. Through brush and ink or conte crayon, Leif’s hand glides, leaps, and spins across pages, filling them with sensuous bodies that move to the music of the spheres. Her work is courageous and playful, celebrating the female form and drawing her viewer into the dance.

“I am between the ecstatic motions of air and earth – “

In 1984, Leif Anderson developed a form of dance called Airth, a method of movement that connects air and earth through breath and the body.  This same technique is used by the artist in her paintings, drawings, and sculptures of wire and clay. Anderson’s knowledge of form and movement has been honed through a lifetime of dancing, of observing her body and the bodies of those around her as they move through the world.

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