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ON VIEW: MAY 9 - MAY 28 | JUN 8 - AUG 6, 2024

The family of Mississippi artist, Marshall Bouldin, shares with the Walter Anderson Museum of Art a rare exhibition of the forgotten and found works of the artist. Tucked into a barn for over 60 years, these pieces receded into family memory until they were uncovered in 2021. Meticulously examined, cleaned, and reframed, these artworks are presented to pay homage to Bouldin’s early professional career on his 100th birthday. Providing a glimpse into the artist’s early career, they show the hand of a skilled draftsman who understood his environment and the raw beauty of the landscape and people of his Clarksdale home. 


Marshall Bouldin (1923-2012) was a portrait painter from Dundee, Mississippi. In his career, Bouldin gained recognition for his fine brushwork, discerning eye, and unique backgrounds. The New York Times praised him as “the South’s foremost portrait painter.” Today, Bouldin’s work can be found in public and private collections throughout the United States. 

This exhibition is part of a statewide celebration of Marshal Bouldin’s 100th birthday. For more work by Marshall Bouldin, please visit the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art for their exhibition Marshall Bouldin at 100: Mississippi Delta Watercolors, on view now through July 21, 2024.


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