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10% of donations and new memberships through JUNE 30

will be distributed to artists through this program. CLICK HERE to support.

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art is pleased to provide a select number of $250 Summer mini-grants to support regional artists.


The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to artists during a period of time when the Museum has not been able to employ artists for public programs. Recipients of these mini-grants will contribute to future programs or activities of the Museum. 

*Future programs will be developed and scheduled collaboratively between artists and the Museum. Lodging will be provided if travel is required. By applying, artists understand that awarded funds serve as full or partial payment for a future program or activity.

Mini-grant recipients will be announced July 14, 2020.




Application Due Date: June 30, 2020


Eligibility: artists of any artistic discipline working in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama


Application components:

Biography (maximum 500 words)

Work Samples (i.e. links to relevant work, photo/video/multimedia)

Short Narrative (maximum 1 written page OR 3-minute video narrative)

  • How does your work connect to the Southern land? How are you inspired by the work and philosophies of Walter Anderson? What type of program or project would you be interested in contributing to?


Review Criteria:

Artistic Quality: 35%

Connection the Southern land or the legacy of Walter Anderson: 40%

Ability to Contribute to a Program of Project: 25%

For questions, contact

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