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Tara Conley

Originally from Bath, New York, Tara Conley is a sculptor who lives and works in Houston, Texas. Conley shows internationally and is included in several public art collections including the City of Houston, Texas Tech University, Houston Audubon Society, Sculpture for New Orleans with the Helis Foundation and Triple S Steel.

To activate space and engage the viewer she employs metal, light, line, text, and shadow. Her sculptures have a unique specificity and refinement not often found in sculpture. Twenty years of experience has given her a command of many materials including bronze, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiber, fiberglass and plastics. Conley’s study of metalsmithing & jewelry is evident in the mindful design and precise execution of her pieces at any scale. Pieces are often installed and secured in a hidden fashion, keeping the look of the sculpture itself paramount.

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