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SEP 29, 2022 - APR 2, 2023

In recognition of Andrew Bucci’s 100th birthday on January 12, 2022, Andrew Bucci: Landscapes of Pattern and Color is part of a year-long series of exhibitions taking place across Mississippi commemorating the centennial. As the website dedicated to the artist says, "There’s never been a better time to explore the creative legacy of one of Mississippi’s most celebrated and prolific visual artists."

As you gaze into one of Andrew Bucci’s landscapes, you are transported to a world of color, light, sound, and movement. Bucci, a Mississippian by birth, had the ability to capture the play of sunlight, the deluge of rain, and the immediacy of nature through his artwork. During his lifetime, the artist fused modern technique and classical principles – such as light and shadow – to create seminal worlds upon the page and canvas. Bucci’s landscapes draw the viewer into a world of place and story, grounded in his environment and its emotional immediacy.

This exhibition pays homage to one of the great Mississippian artists of the twentieth century and his contributions to the legacy of art within the state. The works selected for this exhibition are focused upon Bucci’s appreciation of the landscape and his intense study of the world’s movements. Through oil, acrylic, watercolor, and even needlepoint, Bucci translated his musings of the landscape into visual form. 


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