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Oksana Fogg

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Oksana Fogg is an artist and past participant of WAMA's biannual Horn Island Camp Out. Although a trip to Horn Island for most is akin to a vacation, the artist used her recent trip as an opportunity to paint as a slightly different form of regeneration. Oksana paints more nowadays to help fund and support her loved ones back home in Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis. Painting on the island acted as both a breather from the realities of everyday life and an aid in the struggles of them. Painting on the island gifted her both empowerment and peace in more ways than one.

If you would like to support Oksana in her art and endeavors, come view and support her work in person on THU, SEP 29 from 5-8PM at "The Home Front" Pop-Up Art Show at the Art Cottage - Ukraine Benefit during WAMA's free, quarterly event, Magic Hour. Oksana will have artwork she created on the island as well as other pieces on view and available for purchase. Whether you can make it out to the event or not, we hope you enjoy getting to know her more through Voices of WAMA.

1. Where are you from? What do you currently do both professionally and personally?

I’m originally from Ukraine. I live in Metairie currently. I came to the United States with my family one year before Katrina. I am an artist both personally and professionally. I paint mainly in oil and more recently acrylic. I would say my paintings are more realistic; I like to paint nature, still life, and sometimes portraits. Since the war in Ukraine began, I have tried to paint more, sell my art, and send all the money that I make to my family, friends, and neighbors in Ukraine to help them survive these harsh times.

2. How did you find out about the Museum and the Horn Island trip(s)?

I’ve heard about the Horn Island trip from other artists who participated in it. I thought to myself, "What a wonderful idea!" I love nature, the sea, and painting plain air. I love adventure! I have gone on the trip twice so far, and I will do it again and again whenever it’s possible! I absolutely loved it both times!

3. How long was your trip(s) to Horn Island and what did you do? What was the biggest challenge?

I went for three nights on both trips. While there, I went for walks, painted when possible, and swam a lot! Everything was relatively easy for me, because I both love and have experience camping. The only thing that I remember craving was ice for drinks. I think I will bring a little cooler with ice next time!

4. What was your biggest takeaway?

The most wonderful takeaway was having the wonderful opportunity to be so close to wild nature, watch the birds, explore the island, and have the amazing possibility of painting plain air in such spectacular surroundings!

Above: Photos taken by Oksana Fogg from her phone during her recent trip.

5. What resonated with you the most out of Walter's work, your trip to Horn Island or the Museum itself?

I admire Walter Anderson for being a traveler, explorer, and artist in general, but I especially respect him for rowing his boat to the island. I’m extremely happy to have had the opportunity to follow in his footprints and experience nature the way he did. I absolutely love his colorful ways of expressing nature. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet his son, John Anderson, and to listen to his stories about his father while seeing the amazing resemblance between the two. It’s so wonderful that we have all of Walter Anderson's legacy left for us to admire!


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