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APR 15, 2023 - SEP 17, 2023

Time and the cycles of the natural world are evocatively expressed through the work of Carlyle Wolfe Lee. Her art is playful and complex, layering pattern and color to create dynamic compositions. Using familiar forms of plants and flowers, the artist brings renewed appreciation to the interwoven magic of nature through cutout silhouettes and lines. Light and shadow dance through her canvases while these same elements break free of their bonds in installations of cut metal. Each piece emphasizes the temporality of its subject matter and the subtle rhythm of nature’s cycles.

Lee’s work has been highly influenced by Walter Anderson’s artistic exploration of time and space. She has incorporated this perspective into the exhibition through her own interpretive measures, using a personally-developed style that is rooted in observation. Lee has created this body of work specifically for her exhibition at WAMA, encouraging viewers to appreciate the variety and ever-changing beauty of the natural world.


"My paintings and works on paper are about awareness of the natural world—becoming progressively, cyclically more present to its rhythms, gaining deeper understanding of its design, and acquiring direct experiential knowledge of its mysterious beauty.

Since 2001, I have been making contour line drawings of plants.  From the drawings, I isolate silhouette shapes that I cut out of paper and use as stencils to make oil paintings and works on paper – or cut out of metal to make sculptures. My work is cumulative in nature – gradually marking time and seasonal change, unity and variety, individual and collective beauty."

-Carlyle Wolfe Lee

Visit Carlyle Wolfe Lee's website here.

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