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Every purchase supports the Museum's mission to empower lifelong curiosity and connection to the natural world through the art of Walter Anderson and kindred artists.

Little Room Socks - East Wall Sunrise

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WAMA's limited edition socks features details from Walter Anderson Little Room murals.

This particular image of the east wall of The Little Room showing rays of sun bursting out as night stars slowly fade away.

The Little Room served as Walter Anderson’s sanctuary on the mainland during the latter years of his life. When he could, Anderson would spend his time on Horn Island, but he still had obligations on the mainland. To mentally transport himself to Horn Island, Walter Anderson painted the Little Room to portray life and time on the island. Known as “Creation at Sunrise,” these floor-to-ceiling murals chronicle the transition from night to day through the synthesis of plants, animals, and brilliant colors.

For more details on the Little Room:

Socks are one size fits most.
Womens shoe size 4-12
Mens shoe size 6-13
97% Polyester/ 3% Spandex
Designed and printed in the USA
Style: Crew length

Washing Instructions: Machine was warm with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry. Do not Iron.

Image Credits:
Little Room Detail-East Wall
Paint on Wood
Walter Inglis Anderson

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