Creating Contour Drawings and Frames

Grades 3-5 | Created by Marianne Aalbue December 1, 2009

In The Secret World of Walter Anderson, it’s evident that the artist’s passion for nature was the inspiration for much of his work. His drawings and watercolors of animal and plant life invite viewers to closely observe and appreciate nature. In these lessons students will create an observation drawing incorporating natural forms, then design a border to frame their work. The border design will be crafted using student-created motifs that symbolize natural forms that they would like to see people appreciate, enjoy, and protect.

The Seven Motifs

Measurement Topic | Creating Art, Analyzing and Responding to Art

In this lesson plan Students will learn to describe universal artistic motifs from different times and places, create artworks that express meaning about the human experience, and establish and apply criteria for judging art.

Lesson Plan Downloads

Lesson Plan

“A Journey through Art History in search of the 7 Motifs of Best Maugard”

“Adolfo Best Maugard’s Method in the Art of Walter Anderson”

Audio Tour of Museum’s Resident Pieces

Walter Anderson Museum of Art On Cell Tour

The Gulf Islands: Mississippi’s Wildernerss Shore

Tales of the Islander Caroline Herring

Don McClean’s “Vincent”
Arranged by Gregory Entrican

Walter Anderson Visual Music
John Anderson

A Tour of Walter Anderson’s Home
Sissy Anderson