Walter Anderson spent a large portion of the last fifteen years of his life on a small barrier island, called Horn Island, off of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There Walter Anderson would paint, draw, and study the natural wildlife of the island. Walter Anderson endured the harsh conditions of the island in order to understand nature and achieve artistic vision.

The Museum’s Education Director, Heather Rumphelt, has organized two trips to Horn Island and is now planning a third! In October 2016, seventeen individuals traveled to Horn Island and made it their home for three days.

During that time the islanders fought biting flies and blazing sun in order to gain a greater understanding of Walter Anderson’s art and to create original works of art both on the island and back on the mainland.

The participants wanted to share their inspiration with you and have sent in examples of their work for this online exhibition. Please enjoy and remember, “after you visit Horn Island, it becomes part of you forever.”


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