We are so pleased that you have chosen the Walter Anderson Museum of Art for your special event. The museum staff will work to the best of their abilities to accommodate your event within our limitations regarding protection of the artwork and our facilities.

To place a reservation or for further questions, please contact Bea Ketchum at  store1@walterandersonmuseum.org  or (228) 872-3164

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to the preservation, conservation and interpretation of cultural property. The protection of works of art in the Museum’s Collection, objects on loan, and the building housing them is the institution’s first priority. Therefore, the use of the facility for any function other than as a museum is a privilege granted to the user by the Museum’s Board of Trustees and is subject to specific conditions. All activities are subject to review by the Staff and Board of Trustees. The following regulations defining the use of the facilities shall apply to all contracts between WAMA and the renter.

> Rental Policy

Two Hours

75-149 People | $500
150-375 People | $800

(Extra Setup Time | $50 per hour)

Four Hours

75-149 People | $700
150-375 People | $900

(Security Deposit | $200 | Required for all Rentals)

Beverages – including clear liquids, champagne, white wine, and water – may be consumed in the galleries when 2D artworks are framed under glass and 3D works are covered by Plexiglass. Lending restrictions from other institutions may prevent this, however.

No food or beverages of any kind are allowed within the Little Room.

No individual serving size glass bottles (beer, soft drinks, etc.) are permitted in the building. Beer or soda must be served in disposable cups or cans. Wine/Liquor bottles must be kept behind the bar or serving station.

No open alcohol containers shall leave the building.

Cooking is not allowed within the building.

Chafing dish warmers must be solid or gel. Liquid sterno type burners are prohibited.

Fountains for punch, champagne, or chocolate shall not be used in the building.

No BYOB (bring your own bottle) events are allowed.

Any vendor/caterer serving alcohol inside the museum during your event MUST provide a copy of a valid license/permit from the MS Alcohol Beverage Control at least 14 days prior to your event. Failure to do so will prevent alcohol from being served at your event. If alcohol is to be served, Security Guards must be hired at an additional charge. The museum has a list of preferred service providers that can be furnished upon request.

The museum exhibits or any part thereof will at no time be moved or relocated.

No candles, or open flames of any kind are allowed within the museum. Battery-operated candles are permitted.

Only cut flowers from a licensed and certified florist are allowed. No potted plants or brought-from-home flowers or greenery may be used.

Nothing may come into contact with wall surfaces, ceilings, or columns. In addition, materials such as tape, tacks, nails, staples, glue, etc. may not be used to attach decorations to tables belonging to WAMA or the City of Ocean Springs.

No rice, rose petals, birdseed or balloon releases will be allowed inside or outside the Museum.

Under no circumstances are tables, chairs, or equipment to be removed from the facility.

Appropriate free-standing decorations will be allowed if approved by Museum Staff. All decorations must be placed at a distance from the wall or any artwork, equal to the height of the decoration plus twelve inches.

No spray glue, bottled bubbles, smoke machines, spray glitter, silly string, spray paint, or any type of aerosol shall be used in the building.

Ice sculptures are prohibited.

Decorating is permitted only during the agreed rental period. 2 hours of set up time are included with each rental fee. If additional set up time is needed, extra time can be added for $50 per hour.

All areas of the museum used for the event, including the Kitchen and Galleries, must be thoroughly cleaned by the rental party at the end of the event.

No pyrotechnics are allowed.

It is the responsibility of the renter to insure that persons and guests in attendance abide by all of the policies and procedures of the museum.

  • Smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas only.
  • Videos and photos may be taken inside and outside the museum. Photos or videos taken for business use require prior notification and approval by the WAMA Staff.
  • Flash photography is not permitted within the museum under any circumstances, by hired photographers or guests.
  • Guests and all other persons in attendance who fail to adhere to these policies will be asked to leave without re-entry. Repeated offenses may result in a premature end to the event and expulsion from the museum without refund.

Photographers, Musicians, Decorators, Caterers etc. will be allowed limited access to the facility at 4 p.m. on the day of the event provided it will not interfere with the normal operation of the Museum. There will be no additional cost for this time. If access is needed earlier, permission must be given by the Executive Director. If access is granted, the fee will be an additional $50 per hour up to three hours. All deliveries must be scheduled with and approved by the Staff in advance. Deliveries will be received after 3:00 p.m. on the day of the event.

The Museum retains the sole right to designate areas where service providers may set-up. All Service providers are required to do a walk through with Museum Staff at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

The renter shall provide the Walter Anderson Museum of Art Executive Director with (1) copies of all executed contracts that the renter has entered into with outside contractors and (2) written descriptions of all arrangements made verbally with such contractors (including but not limited to agreements with, musicians, photographers, etc., each of which is referred to as “service provider”) at least three weeks prior to the event. WAMA assumes no liability for loss, theft or damages resulting from/to any such third party services.

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Completion of this online inquiry form does not guarantee your Rental Date. Once your inquiry is received, a museum representative will contact you to discuss further details and to confirm your rental date. Please allow 1-2 days for processing and be sure to read through our Rental Policies and Procedures in full.


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